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ITI Detail

ITI Name Govt Industrial Training Institute, Udaipur Display Name Govt ITI, Udaipur

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Institute Type Government Location Rural
Website URL Date of Establishment 14-Sep-2004
Address Dhajanagar, Udaipur, Gomati Tripura Last Data Update Date 06-Dec-2014 02:10:08 PM
Pincode 799114 Contact Phone Number 03821-226804
Contact Email SPIU Name Tripura-SPIU
Location Not Set  
Status Active ITI Grading Phase-2 Grading Phase-2
Is Verified No Verification Remarks
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Principal Details

Chairperson/Correspondent Details

COE Details

Trade Details

Trade CodeTrade NameDurationShiftUnitSeats CountSeats Filled (Current Session)Seats Filled (Previous Session)Vacant SeatsStatus
210Architectural Assistant1 year112001920Active
403Architectural Assistant (NSQF)1 year11240024Active
990Architectural Draughtsman (NSQF)2 year11249015Active
408Bamboo Works (NSQF)1 year11240024Active
408Bamboo Works (NSQF)1 year21240024Active
000COE-Bamboo Technology - BBBT3 sem11960096Inactive
242Computer Operator and Programming Assistant1 year112002020Active
421Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF)1 year11241608Active
243Desk Top Publishing Operator1 year112001920Active
431Desk Top Publishing Operator (NSQF)1 year112414010Active
208Interior Design & Decoration1 year112001820Active
481Interior Design & Decoration (NSQF)1 year11243021Active
215Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)2 year11160016Active
502Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF)2 year11241509Active
057Mechanic Radio & T.V.2 year11160016Active
523Mechanic Radio & T.V. (NSQF)2 year11200020Active
212Welder1 year111601416Active
969Welder (NSQF)1 year11201109Active
232Wireman2 year1116018-2Active
592Wireman (NSQF)2 year11200020Active

Affiliation Details

Grant DateSchemeTrade NameShiftsNo. of UnitsFile Ref. #Status
13-Aug-2019 Bamboo Works (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGT-12/1/2018-TCAffiliated
13-Aug-2019 Bamboo Works (NSQF) Shift 2 1DGT-12/1/2018-TCAffiliated
26-Sep-2013COE Bamboo TechnologyCOE-Bamboo Technology - BBBT Shift 1 1DGET- 6/23/02/COE/-2005 -TCDeaffiliated
20-Mar-2007CTSInterior Design & Decoration Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2007-TCDeaffiliated
20-Mar-2007 Interior Design & Decoration (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2007-TCAffiliated
20-Mar-2007CTSMechanic (Motor Vehicle) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2007-TCDeaffiliated
20-Mar-2007 Mechanic (Motor Vehicle) (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2007-TCAffiliated
20-Mar-2007CTSWelder Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2007-TCDeaffiliated
20-Mar-2007 Welder (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2007-TCAffiliated
12-Jan-2006CTSArchitectural Assistant Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006 Architectural Assistant (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006 Architectural Draughtsman (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCAffiliated
12-Jan-2006CTSComputer Operator and Programming Assistant Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006 Computer Operator and Programming Assistant (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCAffiliated
12-Jan-2006CTSDesk Top Publishing Operator Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006 Desk Top Publishing Operator (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCAffiliated
12-Jan-2006CTSMechanic Radio & T.V. Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006 Mechanic Radio & T.V. (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006CTSWireman Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCDeaffiliated
12-Jan-2006 Wireman (NSQF) Shift 1 1DGET-12/1/2006-TCAffiliated

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