ITI Details - PR28000350 Rajamma Memorial Pvt. ITI (PR28000350)

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ITI Name Rajamma Memorial Pvt. Industial Training Institut Display Name PR28000350 Rajamma Memorial Pvt. ITI

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Institute Type Private Location Rural
Website URL Date of Establishment 01-Aug-2001
Address Teachers Colony, Ballary Road, Alur Last Data Update Date 28-Nov-2015 12:07:57 PM
District Kurnool State Andhra Pradesh
Pincode 518395 Contact Phone Number 8978158549
Contact Email SPIU Name Andhra Pradesh-SPIU
Location Not Set  
Status Active Affiliation Status Re-Affilaition Due
Is Verified No Verification Remarks
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Principal Details

Chairperson/Correspondent Details

COE Details

Trade Details

Trade CodeTrade NameDurationShiftUnitSeats CountSeats Filled (Current Session)Seats Filled (Previous Session)Vacant Seats
231Electrician4 sem/2 year11212100
231Electrician4 sem/2 year12212100
231Electrician4 sem/2 year21210210
231Electrician4 sem/2 year22210210
215Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 sem/2 year11210021
215Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 sem/2 year21210021
201Mechanic Diesel2 sem/1 year112121210
201Mechanic Diesel2 sem/1 year212121210

Affiliation Details

Grant DateSchemeTrade NameShiftsNo. of UnitsFile Ref. #
20-Mar-2007CTSElectricianShift 11DGET-12/1/2007-TC
20-Mar-2007CTSElectricianShift 21DGET-12/1/2007-TC
05-Jul-2001CTSElectricianShift 21DGET-12/1/2001-TC
05-Jul-2001CTSElectricianShift 11DGET-12/1/2001-TC
05-Jul-2001CTSMechanic (Motor Vehicle)Shift 11DGET-12/1/2001-TC
05-Jul-2001CTSMechanic (Motor Vehicle)Shift 21DGET-12/1/2001-TC
05-Jul-2001CTSMechanic DieselShift 21DGET-12/1/2001-TC
05-Jul-2001CTSMechanic DieselShift 11DGET-12/1/2001-TC