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The National Council for Vocational Training, an advisory body, was set up by the Government of India in 1956 (the then National Council of Training in Vocational Trades—NCTVT). The Council has been entrusted with the responsibilities of prescribing standards and curricula for craftsmen training, advising the Government of India on the overall policy and programs, conducting All India Trade Tests and awarding National Trade Certificates.

This portal is a one-stop information source for all Institutes and courses under the purview of the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT). The links in the boxes below may be used for currently available features of the portal.

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AS DECIDED BY THE COMPETENT AUTHORITY OF DGT, NO FURTHER EXTENSION OF ADMISSION DATES. STUDENTS ADMITTED BEYOND DGT APPROVED ADMISSION DATES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO UPLOAD ON NCVTMIS PORTAL       No applications will be accepted for registration of New ITIs/MSTIs/Exisiting ITIs/Shifting for extension of Trades/Units from 23.10.2019 on wards. ITIs have to apply on NIMI portal (link will be displayed on NCVTMIS), which is under testing will be launched shortly       NO EXTENSION OF ADMISSION DATES BEYOND 21.10.2019       STUDENTS ADMITTED AFTER 21.10.2019 WILL NOT GET NCVT/DGT CERTIFICATE, STATES WILL ISSUE SCVT CERTIFICATES IF ANYONE ADMITTED AFTER 21.10.2019       Joint Inspection of proposed De-affiliation of ITIs in Uttar Pradesh is posted on NCVTMIS under News and Updates. ITIs may contact State Directorate for exact/tentative dates       ADMITTED TRAINEE UPLOAD TEMPLATE WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE BY EVENING       FOR RE-ACTIVATION OF DELETED LOGIN IDs OF ITIs WHO HAD NOT VERIFIED MAY PAY RE-ACTIVATION FEE ON http://nimionlineadmission.in/iticorrections LATEST BY 8TH NOVEMBER 2019. NEXT DAY AFTER MAKING PAYMENT LOGIN ID WILL BE ACTIVATED       DUE TO FESTIVE SEASON, ADMITTED TRAINEE DATA UPLOADING WILL START FROM 04.11.2019 TO 10.11.2019, ALL THE ITIs (including Bihar State) ARE ADVISED TO KEEP THE FORMAT FILLED (WHICH WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE BY TODAY IN NCVTMIS PORTAL/ITI LOGIN) AND KEEP IT READY BY 03.11.2019 FOR UPLOADING       APPLICATIONS FOR NEW ITI/MSTI, EXTENSION OF TRADES/UNITS WILL BE ACCEPTED ON NIMI PORTAL WHICH WILL BE LAUNCHED ON 01.12.2019, LIST OF APPLICATIONS RECEIVED FROM 20.06.2019 TO 23.10.2019 WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR STANDING COMMITTEE INSPECTION. LIST OF ITIs PENDING FOR INSPECTION WILL BE DISPLAYED ON NCVTMIS NEXT WEEK       For Apprenticeship related issues, please contact Shri Hitesh Kumar, Assistant Director (Mob No: 8920069214, email id: hitesh.kumar18@gov.in)       ITIs not co-operating/non producing ITI related documents/not keeping the Annexure-III ready during the Inspection/De-affiliation inspection will lead to De-affiliation       Pending ITI list under various categories available under News and Updates, any disputes or ITI name not in list should mail to tcsection2019@gmail.com only, response in other mails will not be entertained       Many ITIs are reporting that Error message is displaying viz. Email ID or Mobile number already exists, this is due to the same mobile number or email id alreday indicated against students admitted in Session 2017 or 2018, Accordingly ITIs should enter the exact Mobile number and email id of students       ITIs are sending mails with attachments without mentioning anything in mail which will not be entertained. ITI should mention clearly what support is required from DGT and attach necessary documents only, DGT after examining mail if required only will check attached files.       For Affiliation related quires, please contact 011-25847029 Extn: 122,123       For any protal related issues of Affiliation please send mail to murugarajanadt.cti@gov.in       Revised Admission Schedule for 2019-20 is uploaded on NCVTMIS portal       Proposed MSTIs will be allowed to apply maximum maximum one unit in a shift in a trade, inspections will be carried out accordingly for Session 2019 onwards       ALL THE ITIs ARE ADVISED TO KEEP COPY ALL RELEVANT DOCUMENTS OF ITI, in ITIs TEAMS FROM STATE AS WELL AS DGT ARE EXPECTED TO VISIT ALL ITIs, IF ANY ITI FOUND CLOSED DURING WORKING HOURS i.e. FROM 9 am to 5.30 PM AND THIRD SHIFT TIMINGS AND ITIs FAILED TO PRODUCE RELEVENT DOCUMENTS OF ITIs AT THE TIME OF INSPECTION, SUCH ITIs WILL BE PROCESSED FOR DE-AFFILIATION.